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A man named Shylock
came to free
the pound of flesh
that troubled me.
He cut it neat
in pounds and grammes
sliced it up
like cold boiled ham.
Pickled each slice
in vinegar,
then hung to dry
beneath glittering stars.
So thin the slices
all could see
through their centre
straight into me.
Made a jagged hole
inside my heart
the jigsaw bits
I'd parted from
They came with thread
to stitch it back
placed the hole
in empty sack.
Threw the sack
on wicker chair
heard its hollow
beating there
The operation
made a mess;
in thirty days
I bled to death.
Body soul
heart and mind,
gone together
at self-same time

9 Jun 05

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Hey, you. YOU.

Where's the rhyme in stanzas three and five??
I was so happily reading this, rhyming away
carefree as a pig in a mud trough
only to find that the rhyme deteriorated in those stanzas.

Line six--grams.

What's a shylock, by the way?
I was watching 'Be Cool' with Johnny Travolta,
and came across the term shylock
but I don't know what it is.

Just a character?

Any the hoo, I loved this.
It made me smile B I G. !!
 — wendz

made me smile big too. but can't stop to say more now.

 — kaleidazcope

Dear Wendz

Shylock is a character in Shakespeares "Merchant Of Venice" who literally demanded a physical pound of flesh as part of a deal.

Larry man in tights Lark
 — larrylark

Dear Kaleidazcope

It seems we are all happy today

Larry smiley happy people Lark
 — larrylark

shylock; slang for jew
 — unknown

Dear Unknown

This is not a racist poem.
 — larrylark

I never said that I thought it was, though arguably the character of Shylock is essentially racist.
 — b00

Dear bOO

I don't think that was what Shakespeare intended. The Merchant of Venice is in my view a comment on the evils of usurers and money lenders, also jealousy and revenge in its most extreme form

 — unknown

Hello Dave

I do not think that this poem is racist.  One of your best!  I am a fan!

 — Meep

wasnt all the characters in "merchant of venice" racist against shylock, thus making him hate all the christians? doesn't matter. i dont think this is a racist poem. i really enjoyed it and its going into the favorites.
 — bear

Dear Meep

Its fantastic to hearthat you are a fan
 — larrylark

Threw the sack
on wicker chair
heard its hollow
beating there

Sound writing with clear progression of ideas.
 — Kauf

Fan bloody tastic, you replied Larry.
 — Meep

Dear Meep

I am so pleased that you like my poetry .It means one hell of a lot to me to know that someone out there appreciates some of my stuff.
 — larrylark

fuck you
 — unknown

Dear Larry

Well, my opinion's not worth so much, lol, but yep I like you and your writing - comes across very human - which makes me sound like some sort of alien.  You have taken an old story around which there has been unpleasant commentary and have breathed new life and contemporary relevance into it.  Where are your latest poems?
 — Kauf