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to catherine and diderot

in the end
that is to say
over a long course of time
it is ideas
that hold more importance
than deeds
during the fight
that is to say
in ones lifetime and some
it is actions
that spawn and nourish
great thought

9 Jun 05

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this sparkles deeply
elegantly smoking
 — unknown

thanks kal.
for being
so absent.
 — hank

Awesome peice.
 — midare

thanks. piece. peace.
 — hank

i apologise for being so absent.
 — kaleidazcope

oops. apologice.
 — hank

you're missing festival season.
and cold guiness on the green.

there are revels this weekend and although there is no kicking the can, there will be plenty of sticks, bells, pole dancing and coconut hurling.

the poor geese will be hissing for weeks.
 — kaleidazcope

i know, i'm stuck in purgatory in ny. immigration is really flaying me. hey, 'flaying', that's a good word.
 — hank

it is.
sorry to hear immigration is still on your back.
(i'll try not to associate that image with flaying)

purgatory in ny sounds. unappealing.
so take it slow and easy tomcat.
or get a house with rollers.

ps. i still. really. like this poem. more people should read it.
i wrote a poem about picasso, it's similar and not.
no one noticed.
 — kaleidazcope

which poem?
 — hank

You have inspired me to run round the patio in the anticipation of a great thought arriving. On second thought maybe its too early in the morning.
 — larrylark

do  you often find great thoughts on the patio?
 — hank

you had two thoughts there.
 — hank

makes no sense to me, sorry.
 — catherine

This arrived three years ago and I never even knew.  I feel late, yet relieved.  Nice pome.
 — kitkat

great thought.
 — unknown