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eastern coyote

he's red
that happened
because of wolves

16 Jun 05

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like this
 — noodleman

that's true.

red squirrel

he's dead
that happened
cos of the grey squirrel.

(ok dying and endangered.
i like to create)
 — kaleidazcope

haha!  kaleidazcope.  you're funny.

hehe...grey squirrel.
 — woman_power

this is not about endangered animals.
 — hank

i saw a dead red squirrel this morning.
it made me sad.
i read this.
i decided to share.

i'm sorry.

it seems the poem is about the close family relationship between wolves and cayote, (i won't be graphic) i read up a little on it when i first read this. it's a good subject. and i thought the way you handled it applied well to the plight of the dead red squirrel. though the two subjects are unrelated as you say.
 — kaleidazcope

at first i thought you may have been referring to wolf-rayet.
 — kaleidazcope

Dang, I was hoping for a nice long piece about coyotes and instead find a nice short piece about coyotes.

Enough to lick your lips and want more.
 — Isabelle5

the eastern coyote (males) are very red (and larger) compared to their western counterparts. some beleive it is because of the mixture of canadian (red) timber wolf blood that mixed in with the coyote on its eastern migration in the '40's and 50's. this is just a theory though, that i 'red'/read. therefore, this poem can be taken as 1: fact, or two: he can be 'i', as in 'i've read'.
the he is the coyote and me. the red is color and verb.
 — hank

Pretty good u clever dog what is your next trick?
 — unknown

thank you
 — kaleidazcope

Drag the left over bits home and have a BBQ
 — larrylark

not altogether an inspiring comment larry.
 — hank

Did you know that where wolves and coyotes both make their homes, wolves prey on coyotes?  When man destroys wolves, the coyote population booms.

And what's even stranger is that when coyotes begin to be killed, their numbers increase rather than decrease for a time.  Something about nature knowing time is limited and making huge litters.  

Chasse's amazing facts!
 — Isabelle5

  I'm too stupid, please I want to understand...
 — Wix

it might help for you to read the comments on this one wix.
 — hank

3,3,4 - no it doesn't quite fit for a haiku - so if it is poetry what would YOU call it? Don't like it actually...
 — feetfirst

I only mildly like it, and thats after reading your explanation... I thought he got torn apart by wolves, but well- I don't know much about either.
 — Cloudless

well, It is not a haiku. But it still good piece.
 — Duke_Medhat