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Magic Night At The Opera

Richard, known as Dicky, Kluntz, reviews "Meat In A Sandwich", a new operatic work by Dennis Menage.
What illuminations
of stained glass and candle flame.
This spiritual farago of sound and light,
had patrons slipping out to get tight
in the Pavarotti Arms next door.
Ferocious screams
vibrated the floor.
The percussion group
trouped warily on stage,
while a big busty woman
sat in a cage,
sang like a canary.
Clutching a trombone,saxophone
and paper comb,Daniel Homerecker,
principle tenor sang "Where's the meat
for me to get my teeth into?" While
sandwiched between an enormous
plastic mouse and a fake piece of cheese.
Overall a pleasing first night.
The landlord of The Pavorotti,
deep cockney voice,sounds
like he's been garroted said,
"The audience was bored
so we did a roaring trade.
Think it might make three weeks.
Gin and lemonade? Certainly sir.
Shall i make that a double
for your trouble?"

17 Jun 05

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5 would you consider dropping light down to 5
my feet like it better, although it's also an intonation thing too.
i speak funny

11-13. smiles.

10 bothers me a little and so does 12.
i mean they don't
but i'm personally awfully tempted to play around.

stanza 3 is wonderfuel to my pants.
stanaza 4 they're now ablaze

the big gaps make it seem like in your head each group or individual stanza is a seperate section.
if so, i think i could live with the disparity in styles, rhythm, flow (just small)

i believe that 1 & 2 could be stronger from an already very strong base.

the subject matter made me laugh, oh, laugh, wow, heheh.
i picture the scene nicely.
what fun.
 — kaleidazcope

papa larry's so good.
 — kaleidazcope

Dear Kaliedazcope

I love watching opera though i hardly understand it and am always on the verge of laughing out loud but i don't know why.

Larry lend us a tenor Lark
 — larrylark

Gives me a smile, fun to read aloud, your eclectic tastes...leaves me humbled (as usual- though watching footie on the box has increased my musical knowledge)

best wishes

P :0)
 — unknown

Dear Unknown

Did i ever tell you the one about the opening night of Phantom Of The Opera .......

Larry poor taste Lark
 — larrylark

Dear Mr.Dickens

Can it be you vacated from that joke site over in Angleterre to join the real poetic world?

Pippip toodaloo

Larry in the shallows Lark
 — larrylark