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fit for a day
it's good to be and i
hail to all the horses
and to all six wives

18 Jun 05

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i got a little confused with the perspective change from l2 to l3-4 ('henry' to 'i').  otherwise nice.
 — midare

maybe it makes sense if you read it like a letter.
 — hank

fit for a king,
king for a day
it's good to be the king
the king and i
hail to the king
all the horses and all the kings men
and then some.
 — hank

You could be on to something here.
 — unknown

It has my name in it! Now if only I had six wives and some horses. It's be practically about me. 8/10
 — Henry

fit poem
you are just
 — unknown

Homage to Chinaski?
 — Empty