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Sabres crossing in the night in
struggles they love more, these fights
to pin or point
at the other's chin;
two feel alive,
more in one skin
It is not just a phrasing: French
and who does not ejaculate
or thrill for that word "touche!"
at fence?

25 Jun 05

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 — onklcrispy

 — youthculture

 — midare

A bit deep, can I get an explanation on this?
 — Wix

Interestingidea -needs to be developed more
 — larrylark

Wix: means that our heated discussions and plays on the board are really quite sexual at their root.  As a horn-dog, myself I say: all interactions between spirited people are sexual sublimations.   larrylark: Perhaps it is too short. I see your point. It's easy to get an idea but often hard to put into a form of just the right length.   I shall try this poem at another board without the personalized title.  I bet it will become shark chum!  (grins and thanks, all)  BUT! At this point I still prefer it in this brief form-- let it be a poem overtly about sex?  Why not.  In fact, it nearly is just that.   -grins with thanks- reid
 — netskyIam