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Saturday Shop

Mother struggles through
Saturday's Sainsbury shopping
storm. Car docked,
tic toc, tic toc, lock, alarm
incongruously flickers, on off on off.
Crime wave? car thieves camped
in tents near verge?
Off she trots, shopping trolley
between pulses, lentils,
new tentacles reach out to entice,
healthy food, sent for healthy living
be a good mother, buy brown rice.
Surely there's something she forgot?
No, all on a list. Her hot finger tip kissed
pocket calculator, added in a trice.
Trolley packed, large bill at till,
signed, sealed, delivered.
It's yours to drink and clean and eat your fill.
Struggles out, her bored son
slalom slides  -  hides between
over heated cars. Instinct tells him not
to stray too far, for in theatrically dark  bushes
beyond parking spaces eyes stare
out of blistered brown leaves,
vye for his attention, invade
his imagination. Sizzling smoke puffs,
fizzles out among foot prints  
tracing pathway down to a hot day fire.
Boy slid under fence slithered down embankment
onto hard shoulder. Drizzle started,
listless prelude to a summer storm. He turned
to face rain and was lost among juggernauts
screaming down a never ending highway.

27 Jun 05

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I can feel it

Exactly where do you feel it?

Larry feeling it Lark
 — larrylark

line 27, in my corns.
 — unknown

like second stanza a lot.
like poem a lot. very compact, muchos images.
takes some thought, which is good.
 — listen

Dear Listen

glad your impression was favourable
 — larrylark