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for your sake the rice was created

let's use tiny cups
for Heaven's Sake, let's drink.
today we have rice.

2 Jul 05

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tiny poem but big shit
 — unknown

i want your drugs. send immediately.

 — unknown

heheh. <3
 — midare

i like.
 — noodleman

only a little whiney.
 — noodleman

Nicely done
 — larrylark

more magic
breif and glorious

poetry should be a wide area remote game!
 — onklcrispy

 — unknown

most anywhere in asia, "rice" is synonymous with meal/food.  "have you taken your rice yet?"  "shall we eat rice?"  "rice is ready!"   "i havent yet had my rice."  etc.  so i would say "today we have rice" means "today we have been provided for."
 — unknown

*sigh* how can something so small resonate so much? :)
 — kitkat

sake for me, sake for you..
it reminds me of marie antoinette's let the people eat cake speech
 — unknown

so clever!
 — unknown

I read this as Heaven's Sake, the rice wine.  Is that what you intended?  Don't you love the way sake can mean two things?

This is really quite, quite good.
 — Isabelle5

nice pun in the title. unfortunately it's at loggerheads with the sorrow evinced in the poem. I love the title and I love the poem, I just don't love them together. You are so good at squeezing a lot into a little. You should change your handle to G-Nius
 — ollylama

i didnt try to put any sorrow in there.
today is special because we have rice,
not because we rarely have rice.
 — gnormal

I like this.

I'd like it more without the title, though.

 — Hear

i like sake
 — unknown

i would add a period to end of L1

read this backwards.

good job.

 — unknown

Shall we "rice" to the occasion?  This is great!
 — starr

>Shall we "rice" to the occasion?  This is great!
>— starr

ahaha! that was so awful!

I love it.

I enjoy your pome.

I like the first line best.

...that is all
 — povertea

nah - do better
 — philoanon

L1 -- do you refer to bangkok? and if so
are pads really needed (due to an extended genuflectual duration)?
quite a little celebration if so...

 — chuckles

so i just gave myself a nicotine focusstick
and thought
hey, rather than let's drink, what about
drinks up?
this works on several levels

 — chuckles

Beautiful, post-modern haiku!
 — erato

The poetry is rubbish.
The drinking of sake is observed by certain standards, depending on the preference of the drinker, the main criteria is the ceremony employed and the temperature of the sake,
Typical crude American nonsense and ignorance of Japanese customs.

 — Mor

Or could not be "sake", as in the food, at all. It could be "sake," as in "for the sake of speaking" etc.

Typical crude European arrogance and ignorance of pun.

 — unknown

i'm sorry but i don't seem to get what the others have apparently gotten! could someone please explain this poem to me? it is nice and alll but i don't see anything hidden save the sake as a drink reference. i'll check back for an explanation and then rate.
 — unknown

Therefore, your analogy would make this load o
nonsense even more nonsensical.

The tradition hot sake cup is small, about two inches by two, and is served from a sake vase immersed in a tray of hot water.
As Sake is derived from rice as a wine, one is indeed consuming rice.
Heaven’s sake would be expressed with a small (s,) therefore it safe to assume it was the drink “Sake” which was expressed the analogy being quite obvious by the allusion to cup and rice.

 — Mor

 — karly22

i would read such power and oh how, tell me what you think
 — unknown

 — poetbill

I think this may be culturally constricted. perhaps bread for the westerner's? Or potatoes for my lot? Cute piece. thanks for posting....
 — Trish77

I love this poem.  I know exactly what you mean. It's about celebrating the simple and being thankful.
 — tmiles47

 — unknown

 — mandi3939

i rather liked this.
 — EchoesRemain

oh for christs sake, (most of) you people are an embarrasment to good taste.
Which is funny coming from me.

But seriously whats wrong with you all? this is perfumed garbage.
 — DeformedLion

 — chuckle_s

I like this. It's pretty almost. Decorative?
 — SordidShade