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My Favourite Wartime Aunt

Sat demure,
pretending to be insecure.
Tweed skirted,hem on knee,
string of costume jewellery
no couture.
Smooth gravy browned legs,
platform shoes. Hair V for victory
it falls, at nape of neck, turban
that longed for fake lustre
of a Hollywood pearl.
Searching blacked out nights
for the right airman with anchor
arm charms,or a cool G.I.
faintly scarred  A bluebird in clover
while misty skies whitened over Dover,
dance band stuck up a tune,under
a moon in June-"Begin the Begine,"
wearing shiny knickers of crepe de chine.
Its truly amazing how some men paid
to be put in pain.  How you adored
their grovelling across the floor. O.K.
Auntie,you can put away the lash
while i go and cash your pension.

13 Jul 05

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 — noodleman

Dear Noodleman

Some scars never heal because we don't want them to.

Larry leather underpants Lark
 — larrylark

:) Brilliant. Thoroughly enjoyed reading this.
 — unknown

oh my gandhi!
 — unknown

Dear Unknown

Thanks for taking the time and trouble to read i'd say more but i've just had a call from the pub,i've to go and fetch Auntie home because she's been fighting again.

 — unknown


what type of car do you drive?

as an aside i mean
 — unknown

Dear Unknown

One with a leather interior and double locking doors.

Larry High powered Lark
 — larrylark

haha.. larry you are too observant.

thnx for this :D
 — trochee

Hi Trochee,

I think it pays to be a little observant in a world where the one eyed man is king.

Larry the gaze Lark
 — larrylark