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The Moebius strip reinvented for lovers

Take a ribbon, any color.
Join its ends, a simple band.
Write your life upon your side.
I'll do the same with mine.
Cut apart, make one full twist.
Rejoin the ribbon in its loop.
We're insulars, still separated.
We can touch by ribbonphoric
dancing in odd twists. In turns
I'll meet you at your day-ends now
to be your evenings forever.

The moebius strip is a seeming conundrum: it has but one continous plane surface.  

If the loop  contains an even number of twists it is only a two-sided band.  

Half twist=moebius strip. Full twist=a band, and etc. Any odd number of twists makes a moebius strip

14 Jul 05

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Starts like a how-to-do-it and ends like a pretty poem. Interesting poem and idea. Sounds like fun and you obviously put some thought into this. Never heard of it before. Cool!
 — wamblicante

I like kleins bottle.
 — junky

refined a bit more; just touches.   It was a first draft.  Thanks for the friendly initial regards. Yes, hard crits also welcome.
 — netskyIam

wamblicante, yes, thank you:  it's  my own newly invented use for the mobius strip.  All the best,
reid welch
 — netskyIam

This is an interesting idea but i think you need a complete rewrite if the last stanza
 — larrylark

Larry- I think I agree... moreover,there's good deal more  about this item yet that is awkward.  Like it's going from didactic to romantic/personal??? hmmm.. I'm unsure what to do at this time. Thanks very much  for your  input.
 — netskyIam

ribbon-phoric grates.
 — mmoneypenny

this is a great model for love, lovers, such complexity and abstraction into a great model form, the impossible M C Escher moebius strip comes to mind - the intangible threads of emotion that bind and join us... but you do this, almost impreceptably here, you create the model, and show us how it is put together, how we remain in the existential now as separate individual beings .. it is mathematical - these models cannot help but be mathematical, in the pure sense of abstracting idea into model to create meaning and understanding..

.. but you do this in direct uncomplicated language, a language which knows the model it is describing, and progresses through it cleanly and with poetry..

it twists, when it should, and links part to part knowing the difficulty of those links - line 7 for example.

but lines 10 and 11... are beautiful.

(been reading through your work Net - this one interested me because of the title subject, and I'm glad I read it)
 — Mongrol

Thank you both above.  Had not revisited this poem for a year or more.
It is one of my earliest, my first-ever poem dated from Sept. '04, and Donny destroyed it,
it's gone.  And this remains,  perhaps, one of my most purely romantic poems. And I never had a lesson in poetry making and I never thought to make poem until I became so full of life-thoughts, and so weakened by a chronic condtion; well, what's a fellow to do, but to reflect upon life?  I love my own works and perhaps this one will put two humans together, someday, forever. Thanks Mong and the person above; I'd not seen your comment before.  This is October, 2008.  And I think I am going to live long enough now, after all. Thank you for making love where and when possible, stripped or not.
 — netskyIam

See poem "moebius stripper"
 — unknown

got a link? - too lazy to search ;P
 — Mongrol

nicely done Reid - this conundrum exists with time and space a moebius strip without any face, that turns, returns again in time to never leave a trace of mine ... I have a moebious bird poemeant too for you ...
 — AlchemiA