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Ad Verse

If you have an obsession for possessions
You ask for it, you got it
I learned this lesson from a session
With my TV set
What should I ask for, I asked the box
And though it offered no belief
Oh what a relief it was
To find out where’s the beef.
But longer lasting freshness
And a tiger in my tank
Cost a bit of money
So I went down to the bank
I’m asking for it now I said
And the teller said get lost
I don’t mind getting that, I said,
but tell me, what’s that cost?
Leave right this moment the teller cried
You’re guilty of a crime
It appeared to me all I could be
Was just slightly ahead of my time.
So I took a licking but kept on ticking
Down the boulevard
A preacher was there, he had big hair,
It was a great place, a great place to start
I said how can I fly the friendly skies
When milk does a body good
The preacher said for twenty dollars
He’d help me all he could.
So in his cup I placed my bucks
For the relentless pursuit of perfection
But I had richness worth a second cup
And he demanded more for his collection.
Anticipation making me wait
I asked what was the answer
He said that I should not smoke
Or it would give me cancer.
That’s the message from beyond?
I broadcast to this phony
Then I reached out and touched someone
And took back all my money.
I’d like to teach the world to sing
in perfect harmony
But it’s everywhere you want to be
And I can’t believe I ate the whole thing.

* For those of you who are too young to remember, this poem is composed mainly of slogans from old advertising campagins.

18 Jul 05

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Cute! :-) Very clever!
 — ky_diva

Well, it isn't perfect but I know all the slogans!@   Great job with the humor, much needed on a manic Monday!
 — Isabelle5

I'm too young, or I grew up without television. The rhyming is forced and the rhythm is off, but I didn't detest it.
 — unknown

laughing again. thank you. miss you.
 — hank