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Nick Tselepides of Athens, a poet and guide and friend to young poets at Poetry Connection

Nick Tselepides
Precision tailor of words;
one pair a whole suit
of salient surges;
of warm blooding serges;
brocades nature made.
Nick Tselepides,
Greek tailor,
modern day
His forebears had names
like Euripides;
Nick Tselepides,
a mindwright
Nick Tselepides!
He does that!
He makes time worn new
To my mentor and friend,
to the artisan, here,
to reshear my fabric
I hand you a scissors.
Oh, not to Fury me.
But if it be that,
they should bury me
near to thee
Nikos Tselepides

He's all Greek. I come from a very different background, having a Quaker-rooted journalist/novelist  in -my- lineage (drew pearson)

and yes! this is a serio-comic personal verse.  
=you are supposed to laugh= at me.  For Nick is anti-rhyme and anti-contrived poetry.  Soooo I did both on him.  What a guy!

PS: did you know that old tailor joke?
heh; you do -now-

22 Jul 05

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badger at PC cited a line from this today:

"he makes time worn new"

for badge, a personalized aphorism

Our modern Greek renews the ancient
thought not past, think
we The Nascent

 — netskyIam

nick is the man! i liked this poem! i like nick.
 — misterpoet