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poe bread verse (short, simple)

Bread must be yeasted
leavened and baked
Good bread is tasty
(-that- can never be faked)
If the bread's faulty
it rises then falls.
A poetry parable
is -this- flat bread, is all

26 Jul 05

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nice, cute, appealing (i like baking)
 — Lia

I like this. Netsky would fall in love with it.
 — FangzOfFire

ummm smells fresh...
 — feetfirst

very true....  decent poem.
 — unknown

nice one!
 — Wix

ooooh noooo (I lol)  -this is supposed to be an example of -flat, untasty bread!- and so, it parables -why- it falls flat.   oooooo noooo you kids must not pump air back into an arid soufle.   pooooof.   am gone flat again!   (grins and huggles) netRitz
 — netskyIam

there! I done fixed it so you know it's supposed to salt our lips ("a" instead of "like a", and dashes now bracket "this".    no mistaking the one funny thing: to make a verse well  about itself  being "bad" is no mean trick.    

I am strange.  Someone hug me again.   -grins-
 — netskyIam

clever! and at ease. i wrote a poem called "bread" once, but it was about eating it! I enjoyed the rise and yum of this poem!
 — misterpoet