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it takes a family
to raise a man
and then some
your family

1 Aug 05

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line break after
your friends
 — unknown

I like this. I can't help but smile at it.
 — listen

this is a good poem.
 — noodleman

and it takes a man to raise a family. wait, are you saying that the essence of a family is not its hierarchy but its feedback loop? I never thought of that. You're a genius. I'm going to go shag myself and start a feedback loop of my own! I love my little family of one.
 — ollylama

olly, self abuse, self love. remember rousseau?
 — hank

don't paint such vivid pictures please!
 — hank

hmm...to me this sounds more like a quote than a poem. but a very introspective quote at that. in a nutshell, this is gooood.
 — unknown

Nicely said, hank.
 — unknown

i don't know if the poem is referring to a husband or the male children. i hope not a husband because than it just seems like an insult and this may just be why an oft repeated phrase by husbands' is, "I''m so sick of you treating me like an idiot"
 — CandyElvis