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Fossil Leaves

No one escapes dead leaves;
even the equinox of spring
sees them settled among startled scenery,
released from winter's grip
to tickle tops of grass shoots,
greener than a goblin's eye.
There they lie, curling to a crisp
beneath weak and listless sunshine.
In Autumn's fall, cascading
through gusting winds, some are left behind,
too frail to fly, rolled into compost
or trapped beneath a hedge.
These are the fossil leaves
that claim their earth
in a cool March breeze,
when all the rest have fled.

3 Aug 05

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very pretty imagery. good
 — lonelygirl

Whoa.  That's incredible, dude.


 — themolly

Themolly, I love you. Thats the first time i've ever been called a dude in my whole life and you know what---in the words of the immortal James Brown "ooooowwwww I feel GOOD

Larry Mr. Soul Lark

PS I turned over a new leaf yesterday.
 — unknown

I'm glad I was the one to initiate you into dudedom.
What flavor of new leaf did you turn, Mr. Lark?
 — themolly

Dear Lia

Pure gold dudesse

Larry talking to trees lark
 — larrylark

Dear Lonely girl

Its pretty because the inside of my head is that way, Thanks for commenting

Larry pretty vacant lark
 — larrylark

I'm impressed. only suggestion is to lose "goblin". It is harsh against your nicer images.
 — unknown