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beautiful merman verse for cori

You men who go in boats to sea,
To where are heard the siren calls
Of mermaids, to their arms, enthralled...
Heed not their swishy becks to ball
Sing-song po' in sauce results
In meld of poet, fish, occult

it has my luffly eyes
and her nose

3 Aug 05

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Net, is this your peace offering?

I actually like this.
 — themolly

Although, it doesn't appear to have a nose.  I have quite a noticable one....g-d-Shawnee/Pollock genetics!
 — themolly

Yes, I'm sure you know this is not very good, eh?

I wondered many times where was the punctuation and why ever line needed to start with a capitalization. I wondered, also, what means "enthalled."
 — unknown

spelling correction.. thanks
 — netskyIam

I put this new verse up at four boards today.  It goes to show how insidious is macular degeneration!  The pasted text in each board perpetuated the dropped "r".  I don't spell all words correctly, but -that- one I do know to spell.  I just don't know to see.  

And -yes-, molly, it's a peace offering for you, this verse, inverted syntax and all.  From an invert poet wannabe.
 — netskyIam

still like this one
 — themolly