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for Captain Paul Watson

tuna swim in a sine curve
for the blind
they swim up
and down in
the see water

8 Aug 05

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Yes, but so what?  
 — Isabelle5

well isabelle, that seems to be the problem.
 — hank

yes they do
that for the blind.
tuna love the blind
in the sea
 — noodleman

but why for the blind? they can't see those tuna. and if they reach out and touch them they destroy the sine curve. waitaminit - are you saying that tuna mimic the behavior of subatomic physics? I never thought of that. You're a genius. Now, write a poem about mayonnaise and we'll have a salad.
 — ollylama

quantum particles swim
in a matrix of eigenvectors
that collapse under
the weight of schroedinger's
feline half-dead
 — noodleman

 — unknown

excellent comment though salami is usually pork.
 — hank

Oh, no, I now have to know math and physics to read poetry?  CRAP!!!!

So much to learn!  I thought it had something to do with the way dolphins and small whales seem to have an affinity for the weak, the infirm and dolphins show an amazing ability to "see" a baby in a pregnant woman's belly and come to sing to it.  I saw that on a show once and was enchanted by the idea of a dolphin singing to an unborn human that it could see with it's radar.

Boy, I was a weigh off on your poem!  (see that great whaling connection there?) lol
 — Isabelle5

but isabelle, there's no mention of dolphins in my poem entitled 'tuna'.
 — hank

let's just smaile and nod, hank. i think it's safer that way.
 — Lia

 — hank

some pipes can contain protons
also quarks
they smash ap-
art to
get the real small ones.
 — Roz


i like it a lot hank.
 — Xiada

tuna cook on the grill
for the hungry.
they stay juicy
and firm
when cooked correctly.
 — unknown

This is bump as well
 — unknown



tuna is good wtih dill.
 — mandolyn