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so far i've found
two colonies
with my left foot
one red
and sitting doing nothing
one black
in one
in one
glorious garden
only one bite

8 Aug 05

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This is kind of funny, though not a stunning format for the poem.  I can imagine you poking ant hills with your toe and yelping when one hooked on and bit you!
 — Isabelle5

i never yelp. but unfortunately, i did kill him. such a perfect ant. such a shame.
 — hank

wait. are you saying that red indians  and blacks are subjugated in america? and that you, being a white male american are trying to oppress them by crushing them underfoot, when actually they are joining ranks like ants and slowly nipping away at your 300 year old dominion? I never thought of that. You're a genius. I think it might take more than one bite though. I gather you're pretty bloated these days.
 — ollylama

thin as a rail olly, thin as a rail.
 — hank

I love ants, and your poem inspired me:

Flying Ant Day!

a swirl of carbon
motes cast high
above the swarm;
a fool’s hope

while on the lawn
the bulbous ones
with stolen wings
scamper away

and the warmest
day cools into
evening, leaving
an empty nest

forlorn, with spent
ants spread like
a flyblown moat,
reminding me

that he would
pour kettles over
their eager weave:
Oh, how we love Flying Ant Day!
 — b00

oh olly. how i miss thee.
 — hank

impressive.... just one bite. But I've seen a war on the sidewalk. Regular black ants and smaller auburn ones. It looked vicious, and I'm told ant wars can last for months, and I'm also told: Only humans and ants engage in warfare.

Thank you for the lead.
 — unknown

also the only two that engage in farming.
 — hank