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Burden Of Dreams

It's well known
that opera lovers
will stop at no extreme
to realise a dream.
placing a house,
(strange name "house",
far removed
from bricks and mortar,
slate roof,
skirting board with mouse,
two front windows,door)
among exotic vegetation
strewn across a jungle floor,
to luxuriate in hot rain
that stains mottled constellations
of native huts,whose labour
lifted it up. An edifice far beyond
leafy canopies, piercing misty cloud
so a soprano's notes could vibrate
loudly among the galaxy of a billion stars.

11 Aug 05

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KILLER title.


maybe take off 'of a billion stars'?  It seems to end there--

 — themolly

 — BoundFeet

Dear Themolly,
Thanks for reading ,i will consider your suggestion.
 — larrylark

This poem seems to have got such little responese, although it's so good.
 — Leanan

I meant response...
 — Leanan

Dear Leanan

Great poets have to put up with indifference. Thats why i can't understand why my crap is so little recognised.
 — larrylark

very nice
 — nisetru

Fitzcarraldo is certainly a vision to behold
 — unknown