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Tie me tight with triple knots
Yank if I get out of line
Tweak the spring clamps if I'm bad
begged the Clothesline of the Pole

11 Aug 05

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Cool, an alrighty poem.
 — smiddy

Old poem, retouched.
 — netskyIam

haha you're a fun puppy.
if i give you a 10 will you tweak the clamps?
 — unknown

yes, if you'll tell me where.  
send me a link.
see you later?  
plain or adjustable?
 — netskyIam

like a child's poem. it did have a clever play on everyday objects...but this didn't have one significant meaning in sight. like shiny, cheap plastic.
 — unknown

it must be pick on netsky week, someone's trying to do a hatchet job on him
 — unknown

for me it needs another verse.

it reminds of the first verse of the owl and the pussy cat. when  read that i just want to read more.
i like this but it just feels like the beginning of something.

i think the title works too well, if that's possible.
 — billy423uk

This is great. You pulled me in one direction, and then jerked me in another . Oh the element of surprise. I kind of agree with Billy, that while this has the ability to stand alone, there's just so much more that could be done. Possibly work this into a piece of prose, that slowly progresses through a series of innuendos, then suddenly turns around and calls you a pervert. It's just an idea. Again, very funny and very well executed.
 — NadCloutier