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Timothy and the Bears

=a contradictory man's singular life and death
distilled  to verse as childlike as himself=

Timothy Treadwell trusted wild bears.
He lived with the grizzlies for thirteen years.
Timothy Treadwell ended in error,
devoured alive by a grizzly terror.
Bears, tonight hunting,
heads low, in tread,
unremorseful as Nature
in Timothy's stead.

14 Aug 05

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Bravo to brevity! Succinct, deadly, and humorous in its gory reflection of a man's mistaken trust of wild things.
 — teopteop

Don't think he live with bears for thirteen years and then fuck up that way. But then mistakes do happen and wild animals are unpredictable.
 — unknown

I guess I have to grin and bear this poem.
 — unknown

ha ha ah.  goodness--
 — unknown

hahaha i just thought it would be funny if u got stabbed on the street it's called karma cunt
 — unknown

First time I've had an entry spur a death wish.    Some bears are "good" and some are just terribly vicious when running on empty.
 — netskyIam

Oh, my gosh, I just learned about this.  I was at Barnes & Noble trying to find a good bird guide.  What a sad thing but what a good poem to honor his untimely demise and his unwise treading too close to tooth and claw.
 — Isabelle5

Timothy Treadwell ended his era
mauled and devoured by grizzly beara.

Sorry, that was tough to resist!

lol  isabelle
 — Isabelle5

This is good. And amusing.
 — blankpages

nice touch isabelle
 — blankpages

retouched.  better?
 — netskyIam

herzog did a good film called 'grizzly man'.

nice poem.
 — varun

thirteen summers might be more apt, reid. no?
 — varun

How are you saying bears, to make it rhyme with years? The bear would eat you if you read this poem to him. It was horrible. 3/10
 — Henry

That comment only shows your lack of poetic knowledge, Henry. Never heard of half rhymes? Poe never used them?
 — unknown

Of course I heard of them. Ever heard of half-ratings? Originally I was going to give a six, but I gave a three instead.
 — Henry

 — Henry

And so your rating was based on nothing more than that it took up too much of your energy to find the meaning of half rhymes?
 — unknown

No no no...I know I'm supposed to be in class, but you're fun to talk to. The poem was trite and sucked besides. The reason I gave here wasn't the full reason. Timothy Treadwell would be disappointed.
 — Henry

>>The poem was trite and sucked besides.<<
What was your grade point average in English that convinced your college to accept you into their literature course?
 — unknown

Go to hell, Netsky.
 — unknown