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the tiger probably bengal
or siberian
reached out
from under his cage
and revealed a fang
i took it

15 Aug 05

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Disappointing. Do better.
 — unknown

how can i do better than this? how can i?
 — hank

if you're disappointed. i'm sorry. for you.
 — hank

do you know what i would like to do to you unknown?
 — hank

do you know unknown, that that is the most common thing i've ever heard?
 — hank

so glad you enjoyed it.
 — hank

 — hank

(sorry if you are somebody i know and love)
 — hank

I'm feeling crap today and this gave me a moment of unadulerated delight.
 — kitkat

You really need to be less prideful there Hank. Not all that you write can be masterpieces. And they are not. It reminds me of one you Pablo Picasso's quotes: "If there is something to steal, I steal it." I think it was similiar to this at least. Like his quote though, this is not too interesting. I only bring up Pablo because of a tribute you wrote to him. 5/10
 — Henry

it was in a dream.
 — hank