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tears of a clown

it's a shame
when a man can claim
that he's cried
more recently
than his duct

16 Aug 05

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fuct? fucked?
don't worry about censoring stuff, man.
but otherwise this isn't very true. hm.
good structure, though.
 — midare

Fuct? Is that a new form of sexual intercourse?
 — larrylark

Fuct rhymes with tear duct and any fool can see this was written colloquially.
 — unknown

who wants to be any fool?
 — Meep

i've seen worse
 — unknown

no. i don't think this works. call me a fool. some of you others are so good, too, blue spot for example.
 — Lia

 — hank

as a poem. i mean, i dont think its a very good poem, although a clever idea.

just my opinion.
 — Lia


thats way to clever I think!
 — john_daker

Oh, this poem is fuct.  Why would a man be shamed to have cried more recently than getting laid?  Is there a punchline to this?  

I think it's the other way around, Jack.  A man who can "fuc" and not cry is a shame, in my opinion.  
 — Isabelle5

The fact that the first two lines rhyme is rather annoying, but other than that it's pretty good. You sound like my kind of man, poetic-ish, but not all sensivive and touchy.
 — FolleRouge

 — starr

Personally, I haven't been fuct in years.  I sure have cried a lot of tears though and I'm 10x the man I used to be for it.
 — starr

HAHAHAHAHAHA!@  I love my poet friends.  Starr, I'm falling off my chair laughing!
 — Isabelle5

 — chuckles