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The beauty
of it all
is that you
are never
going to
fall, claim to
e's vices.
You'll always
be an orig-
inal ent-
ity, away
on your own
planet of
fashion, po-
and moral
values. I
admire you
for walking
through the halls
of highschool,
a.k.a. the
waste land in
a pink boa,
snake skin, and
studs. I love
the way you
sing to your-
self when you
are walking
alone. I
adore the
way your mind
is spoken
freely with-
out a doubt
of any
kind. I cry
with laughter
when you are
smashed out
of your face,
but always
gently spok-
en. And then
I see you
strut, and come
to the con-
clusion that
you are a
gourgeus thing.

27 Aug 05

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nice poem.
 — hank

thankyou hank.
 — SweetPain

This rings true for me, and probably plenty other quirky guys and gals out here that just can't (or won't) fit in. Thank you muchly :-)

Fav & 10
 — sapphonix

take out 'aka' l23...it's not necessary with ()
'gorgeous' l54 unless an intentional spelling error, but why that would be i can't understand
i would scrap the last line altogether
i like the line breaks altho i think you may be overdoing the unconventional.

how did you know my boa was pink btw?
 — unknown

I really like how you made this poem long and thin.  Is this in reference to the ideal pretty of being thin?
 — ducktape

thanks sapphoni, and unknown.
ducktape, first this poem was just a regular free-verse no structure poem, but then i was given some advice to make it short and staccato so i did. i dont know if it was intentional to make a reference to being thin, but maybe it was subconsciously.
 — SweetPain

I like..i'll come back shortly..maybe sometime today..love the format too..
 — Gabriella

thanks gabriella!
 — SweetPain

so were you going to come back any time soon?
 — SweetPain

i like being quirky and i like this poem:-)
 — lonelygirl

thanks a bunch lonely girl.
 — SweetPain

I like it. Found it was one of those poems that as you read it, it picked up speed, I have no idea if thats correct, or what you entended, but... good poem!
 — Kellie_Fern

love it. goureus as in quirkily so? One suggestion, though. Change passive voice to active in lines 35+36 : you speak your mind. That would slink down smoother, to my mind.

Gorgeous poem
 — borntodance

thanks Kelli_Fern and borntodance!
 — SweetPain