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Engine stalled,giant craft slowed,
gliding on slim wings of shaved feathery gauze.
Airborne gondola,aerosol sprayed, deep purple
gleaming aubergine, mast absent, falling through
a serpent causeway, leaning past the soaring strobe
lit tower, clothed in misty vaporous robes.
Creaking glass vibrated
within tapering tungsten frames.
Sculptured orbs, fantastically named
frosted creatures crashed down through
curdling clouds. Chaffed portals dissolved,
portraying in ghostly air, stern eyed gods,
mythical birds,dodo's, tigers, giraffes,
hurling thermal winds through huge gaps
where opaque panes tumble to earth,
raking great buildings of the city below.
Endangered by its immense form,citizens hoarded
on desolate land beyond the outer walls. Planning
commenced on a dense,stronger, taller structure,
able to resist all severe fluctuations of weather.
The craft was tethered, teams of architects, engineers,
scaffolders without peer poured out. Someone
produced a spade. The foundation stone was laid.
People were in no doubt, great work was now proceeding.
"Look out!" someone shouted. Too late. A jag of glass
neatly cleaved the mayor into two symmetrical pieces.
Thousands surged urgently forward,
demanding to take his place.,

28 Aug 05

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Very enjoyable, even considering the amount of run on description.
 — unknown

I guess i did go a bit overboard,thats me when i find the thesaurus buried beneath the family treasure.Thanks for the comment.
 — larrylark


damn you are
helluva weaver, larrylark...
 — chuckles

Dear Chuckles

My grandad used to spin cotton in the mills .To be honest chuckles i am embarressed by the over weaning pomp and verbosity of this poem. You know how it is when your clueless to edit, you just have to let it stand. I feel sorry for the mayor who despite his lofty ambition had good in his heart for who is not in thrall to a huge structure, wherever it may stand.

 — larrylark