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two unfold

31 Aug 05

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I dont get this.
 — DeathShards

weehee it's just right, not too sweet, not too salty. (fav)
 — kitkat

pleasure kitty.
 — hank

*purrs in contentment with the universe*
 — kitkat

a kitty purring is a most pleasurable sound.
 — hank

whooo! nicely done!
so much in two words mate! brilliant...
i can't anyone wouldn't get this...

 — unknown

that's can't 'BELIEVE'...
 — unknown

no belief?
 — hank

Short and sweet, I like it
 — Adrielle

very clever. I like it- even if it were just a bit of a squishy brain fart
 — john_daker

good, but the title seems overly dramatic. the poem is very powerful.
 — thisway