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Bob Denver Escaped From Gilligan's Island

Come sit right down and I'll tell a tale,
A tale of a promised man
Who started on a bright career,
Soon mired in pale beach sands,
Typecast in old film cans.
uncoil escape plans
Our hero scraped on Paley's* Shoales
As Gunsmoke sank off-chart.
Mrs. Paley tsk tsk'd "this won't do!".
Gilligan's Isle instead got cut;
Was wrecked by a woman's clucks.
yet he thanked his prior lucks
Bob drifted on without complaint
From him, of any one.  
Who could wish for a  better life?
Bob Denver,  he had one.
Now our Gilligan has gone.
the end of this theme song

Mrs. Paley, wife of the head of CBS, expressed dismay when she saw her favorite TV show, "Gunsmoke", sinking from the top-rated television show chart.   Network flacks instantly cancelled the higher-rated Gilligan's Island sitcom, reinstating Gunsmoke to the rankings, and thereby appeasing Mrs. Paley.  
(source: The Miami Herald, 7 Sept. 2005)

7 Sep 05

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I miss Gilligan's Island.  I used to watch that show all the time when I was little.

 — ducktape

Hail to Bob.
Nice ditty.  thanks.
 — cynthmala

Oh, you simply must sing this!  Hilarious and great fun!

Gilligan has gone to the big raft in the sky!
 — Isabelle5

Lovey, let's toast him with a coconut gimlet.

are those extra two lines on the end of each of the first two paragraphs undecided alternates? They read that way to me.
 — ollylama

Nice tribute poem.

Jonas Grumby (The Skipper) “Little buddie!”
Thurston Howell III “Indeed preposterious. I’ll setup a trust fund in his name.”
Mrs. Lovey Howell “O dear.”
Ginger Grant “I will make a film about Gilligan and play his wife.”
Roy Hinkley (The Professor) “I will erect a time machine from mangroves and coconuts and retrieve Gilligan from the past.”
Mary Ann Summers “He makes me so angry when he fakes stuff like this.”

3 Hour Tour
 — unknown

sweet peas ! EVerRy-all-of-us, who loved Gilligan's unadult-erated lovlieness.   thanks gang for helping make this small  distillation.  You did not?  OH, no you did!  Assuredly you did help even if you don't know how you help me. Thank you.
 — netskyIam