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this torch i use
gold handle
silver throat
made in the UK
red knob fire
blue knob oxygen
cuts through steel
like butter
cooking up cows
leaving molten gold

8 Sep 05

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enjoy the allusion and suggestion - reminds me a bit of my son's light sabre in the middle part. Like the final image too - it has that sort of Anglo Saxon foodie feel. Enjoyed the construction.
 — opal

thanks opal.
 — hank

Are you in the UK at the moment Hank? Are you listening to the cricket as well as steeping yourself in the imagesry of the ancients? I see you sitting on Hadrian's Wall somehow....
 — opal

i am in the uk surrounded by violence and idiocy.
 — hank

Poor soul - idiocy yes, but violence?!? Surely not!
 — opal

the uk is the most violent place i've ever been. what do they call them? yobs? tussleheads that like to beat on strangers. even in nyc it doesn't happen like that. or LA or brazil or thailand or nicaragua or guatemala or mexico or...
 — hank

I understand - it does happen hank - even Shakespeare commented on it I'm afraid - usually comes about after consumption of large quantities of noxious mixtures of one type or another. Don't believe all you read in the press though - they tend to exaggerate a bit for the sake of a good story, but meanwhile, if you spot any yobs advancing on you - run.
 — opal

will do.
 — hank

shack spear?
 — hank

i have a letter opener that was made from a shingle taken from 'shakspeares' house. it was a gift. it has a twig and berries on it (carved).
 — hank

lovely. not the yobs. everything else.  
 — kaleidazcope

you always say that. thank you.
 — hank

i'll add that the cows swung it for me then.
it's difficult to be so predictable so young.
 — kaleidazcope

a welder.

I am hungry now. lol.

sorry if this is not something brilliant. I like how the title is "excalibur" and then you have it in your hand [i guess the welder of what i got out of it] and it makes you feel heroic. as in big. and nothing [not even the cooking cow] can stop you!

and it's full of gold and silver.

yeap! Good poem!
 — misterpoet

I must add that not all of the UK is like this!! [yob's/tussleheads] I have to admit that I have never 'beat' on a stranger.
 — TheJediPimpz

glad about that.
 — hank

I like this poem
a lot.
Perfect title.
 — Krttika

I like poems with knobs on,great evocation here
 — larrylark

v good
 — unknown

should edit this. unfortunately can't.
 — hank

cader idris
I should have guessed.
 — unknown