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this time i had three eyes
the coffee girl told me so
two on the left side of my face
one right
i never knew
i could only ever see two
to look at me
you would have thought
you were drunk

15 Sep 05

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 — unknown

very cool!
 — rodney

Clever. Groovy, even.

 — Rhein

haha, interesting.!
 — Thenameless

i may still have three eyes. how would i know?
 — hank

all the better to see me with my dear (cackle)
 — unknown

Maybe it's a piece of dialect contributed to style but L6-only could- and maybe capitilize To... or a line break just cause the poem losses sense there but you can manage to understand, its not that bad, just some bad break lines and disregard for grammar. Just because its small and simple doesnt mean it doesnt need a little sharpening on the edges...  
the idea is smart and quirky... .
 — unknown

i have 3 nipples,.........
 — unknown