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Don't Be Afraid, Because We All Are

We are all in fear of the same thing:
Exposure of ones inner-self;
our feelings,
and perversions.
So withdrawn,
into our own insecure psyches
we play our own mind games.
Where, we then call for the expertise
of psychologist (and sometimes a psychotherapist)
to play along and figure out our secrets.
It all seems so simply
to be so hidden.
Because, at the base of it all
we are all fucked up.

i guess i was wrong, reading this poem now it seems finished. i just changed around stanza 3 and 4. but suggestions are always welcome :D

15 Sep 05

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lines 11 and 12 are so true. i really like this. im interested to see what else you are going to add.
 — bear

love it!
 — lonelygirl

thanks bear and lonelygirl. i hope you guys enjoy the switcheroo!
 — SweetPain

psychologist psychotherapist

this is good
 — themolly

thanks a bunch themolly.
 — SweetPain

i felt as if it was finished too. i just didn't say anything. very good! (9)
 — bear

 — themolly

This is excellent. I love it.

Probably true too.....:-) Or at least it feels true at 2.42am Greenwich mean time when I should be sleeping.
 — smugzy

thanks so much for the comments and encouraging words : bear,themolly and smugzy.
btw smugzy, to me everything seems to make more sense in the very early morning :D lol
 — SweetPain

it seems very conversational and revealing.  almost like something said when starting to really open up to a person.  
 — firstasianbo

this made me feel better.
hence a favorite ;-)
 — trochee

thanks guys :D
 — SweetPain