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God bless you
thank you
you're welcome.

for kitkat

16 Sep 05

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How do we rate this? On his grammer or punctuation? lol
 — Thenameless2

a ten.
 — hank

 — hank

on how nice it is? on loveliness, perhaps.
 — Roz

thank you roz.
 — hank

this is clever.
 — listen

nice greeting hank ... must remember to use this sometime, with permission of the author of course!  and maybe kitkat ... ;)
 — asklepios

come on, dude.  this is so far from art.
 — unknown

ha, a new thread: what is an artist? ... !!!!
 — asklepios

Is this "poem" some kind of inside joke?
 — unknown

sorry dude.
 — hank

 — hank

 — unknown

This made me giggle.
In a good way.
 — Rhein

no prob.
 — hank

I like this.
 — Hear

beat it kid, i ever see a poem like this posted again, im going for my ballpene hammer and saying good bye to my computer casue the internet will be dead to me
 — nullus

I'm here!!!  Sorry I was late...been teaching myself to make flower-folds in the knees of my jeans :D

Thank God
you're you.
Welcome, you bless.

I am undone (in a tickly way)

 — kitkat

God curse you, you Incubus from hell wirth forked tongue.
 — unknown

  Are you saying he has sex with sleeping women ? , How do you know he has a forked tongue ? , are you his friend ?
 — sir_I_clan

(to those who don't get it: read it out loud, include the title.)
 — septima_pica