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my cutlass caribbean neighbor
in her concrete blocks
some considered crazy not
tossed rocks out of her way
sang all day or would whistle
noticed when my green trunks
turned black
out of the sea
and asked me out of the blue
'do you like cows?'

24 Sep 05

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I love this. I wouldn't change a thing.

I love all the ambiguities and subtleties of meaning.

Linda is beautifully drawn and comes to life but so does the writer. There are definitely two characters in this poem. The poet's reaction to Linda is so unjudgemental and almost tender.

The enjambement  is very lightly but cleverly done, adding so much to the meaning.

Line 6 the whistling - something she did all day (either that or singing) but tied in with line 7 reveals her cheeky side.... ;-)

line 10 out of the blue - links with you coming out of the sea and makes the little scene come to life

This poem speaks for itself. It is lovely.

 — unknown

i like this- you and Linda are crazy in this piece.
 — crepaway

Hey, I echo smugzy's comments, but I would suggest maybe a little punctuation to give us a little better sense of flow. Other than that, opening a poem entitled "linda" and finding this was a pleasant surprise.

 — Doulos

short and sweet :)
 — unknown

Sounds like a very interesting lady! I think I'd like her a lot!
 — wamblicante

smugzy, i enjoyed reading your comments very much. you've brought even more life to this for me. it's wonderful when a reader does that. thanks very much.

and to the others as well.
 — hank

I loved it, we both have poems about a girl called Linda.. great poem!
 — bobbykeyes

i cant seem to find yours bobby.
 — hank

ok. found it. see comment.
 — hank

and do you?
 — kitkat

I like your Linda picture.
Line 11 made me laugh.
 — Krttika

 — hank

particularly the fit ones.
 — hank

I can hear holsteins crying right now,
from a farm not too far away.
It's very sad, really.

The amish have separated
the babys from the mothers.

Damn milk drinkers.

 — unknown

they say that milk's good food. who are they?
 — hank

hi hank
 — kitkat

They are capitalists, I'm sure. :)
 — Krttika

hello kitt and krttika. boy, try typing that five times fast.
 — hank

Happy new Year.

 — unknown