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love poem from gay guy to a really beautiful girl

subject said on a forum:

xjustagirl21tx wrote: My name is Rhianna.  My nickname is "Re-Re" ....

My former acquintance started calling me that and now it's stuck with me....

I just recently found out that "Re-Re" is what they call cookies made by Special Ed kids in Virginia....yay...I'm special!!

Other nicknames:

Rana - means frog in spanish (sounds a lot like my name if you say it fast)

Rerun - my mom's nickname for me.

Re - again,  my mom calls me that when she gets tired of saying Rhianna

poet/Reid notes:
This is a personal verse worked up from the description above, ---from the  bold font clues----,
I am inspired by this young woman, by her photograph, too, accompanying her self-introduction
==================Item begins below
-A Sweet One-
The only girl that I can see now
is no rana, nothing coarse.
This sweet crumble of girl cookie
scouts around for the right boy.
"Junior Mint", I call her flavor.
I would buy her box, I would!
But I can't.  Am  tender-footed.
Just a Cub Scout without dimes.
Yet she would gift me sugar wafers...
Am sure she would! ...  if I were worth her.
Truth again defaults/descends me
low and leaves me in the dirt.
There I languish with the toadstools,
without graces, with no song.
Re Rhianna was this poor poem.
Re Reid/me: again,  alone.

1 Oct 05

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i really appreciate this. thank you.
 — kaleidazcope

This is good, I like it. Good research, sweet lines. I like 19 and 20 especially. ALso 12 and 13 were glorious. I give it a good rating...
 — Doulos

so , dear Reid, this is a poem from a gay guy, that's why you were so interested abozt the gay icelandic community! Well they have a strong community and they have their special gay pride day, that's just like me falling for a gay male, i wish you were straight, love hulda always
 — Hulda

Ahhh, this is bitter and sweet with love and loss. Hugs to you Reid :)
 — jharrison