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english canopy

all above blue and
green speckled and
those birch fingertips
with soft jagged and
paperdoll cutout edges
that filter the air and
the depth as far and
as clear as the eye
can see.

4 Oct 05

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nice poem :)
 — kitkat

sleeping under the trees again?  so nice.

But seriously...'birch fingertips' and 'paperdoll cutout' is just perfect.
 — kitkat

yes, was out last weekend with friends. nice. but some got lost.
 — hank

some of those 'paperdolls' look more like hobgoblins depending on your point of view.
 — hank

lost friends? :(

or your view of point I guess.
 — kitkat

they got lost because they hit trees an fell down an slept before seeing the beacon of the campfire to light their way home.
 — hank

that makes me feel nostalgic
 — kitkat

glad i could participate in your reverie.
 — hank

fucking brilliant
 — unknown

nice. good list-like reading.
 — listen

Really beautiful. Captures something about Englands countryside that can be found no where else
 — larrylark