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Sewing Girl (Manchester 1854)

Beneath the silence,  
insistent dripping tap
and ticking of old clock
jars your nerves.
Pour soup,
serve it,
then beneath your breath,
whisper grace
that no one heard.
Stitch delicately
as you were taught ,
between hours spent
on factory floor.
Mind fraught,
fingers raw with cold,
re-sorting cheap cloth
heaped across a bench.
Master,s rod,knuckles clench
hand raised,face set
sweating, boorish.
You caught the stench
of his fetid breath.
Hours left
filled with mending,
endless embroidery,
your dulled eye
never unemployed .
A sampler framed,
hung thoughtlessly
without name
by your father
in the back pantry,
never seen by visitors
or people passing by.

5 Oct 05

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i have not read this. i just wanted to let you know. the title tells me to read this. i'll be backnto read this.
 — kaleidazcope

I love the history of your piece... May I??

Beneath the silence,    1
insistant dripping tap.  2
Old clock  3
wound and ticking  4
irritating  nerves.  5
Pouring soup,  6
and serving.  7
beneath your breath  8
whispering grace  9
that no one hears.

 — unknown

This is beautiful.
I like mindy's suggestion with regards to the first stanza. (esp. line 8)
This is truly excellent.
 — Krttika

Dear Kaleidazcope

Hope to hear from you soon

 — larrylark

Dear Mindy

Of course you may,I am pleased that you took the time and trouble.

Larry the Victorian Lark
 — larrylark

Dear Kritta

Thank you for those complementary remarks,you are too kind

Larry ever so @umble Lark
 — larrylark

typo in line 8, i believe, and please fix the spacing around the punctuation on lines 19, 20 and 28 and remove extra space in line 27.
 — Lia

did you miss me? haha
 — Lia

Dear Lia

How did i ever live without you.

Larry hands across the airwaves Lark.
 — larrylark

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 — unknown