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Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate
slides sensually
down throat.
Coating tonsils
soon to be removed,
velvety smooth
at soothing story time.
Milo, Horlicks
are just not
a substitute,
their thinly flavoured
taste wasted, poured
away. "There
goes Goldilocks!"
whispered mummy,
"Those honey bears
have been mugged.
She's glugged down
all the drinking
chocolate, eaten
the bic bics and
thirteen eclairs.
Couldn't get enough
of the goody stuff.
bellowed daddy bear
"It was her
over there
dancing into
the woods."

8 Oct 05

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-surprised me-Mum really got away with that one : )  

bic? no understand
 — crepaway

not sure of the hidden philosophy and emotions here, but I like poetry that starts out in one solar system and ends up in another.

What about the tonsils here?  You're about to be unable to speak...
 — cynthmala

Dear Crepaway

Bic bic is a term of descriptive endearment used by mothers among the starving working classes of northern England during the industrial revolution to describe a biscuit,usually procured cheap because they were broken,and given sparingly to young children ,some as young as three who worked 20 hour shifts 7 days a week in cotton mills, to keep their strength up. My favourite was short bread and it probably accounts for the fact that i am only 4foot 3 high and suffer from ricketts.

Larry cloth cap,cloth 'ead Lark
 — larrylark

I don't believe in England
 — crepaway

Dear Crepaway

Neither do i,it's only a place to live and if you get involved in all the shit in this fictitious country it messes with your head. After all what are countries but to be controlled and exploited with the people subjugated to the power of oppressors who control or attempt to control by subverting spiritual well being.

Larry not my country right or wrong Lark
 — unknown

Cool poem!
 — unknown

i like the end. i am not drawing any chocolaty conclusions.  but i do hope this a scene from your homelife.

fond thoughts to you larry.
 — kaleidazcope

Dera Unknown

You are one hell of a cool dude and i'm glad to know you in this crazy internet googling way.
 — larrylark

I think this is great,. last stanza, esp
 — unknown

i'm on a chocolate kick right now!
chuc thankin' larry kles
 — chuckles

starts of promising, but thewn descends into something non-sensical and weak.
 — unknown

your like, getting absorbed into the story, and you match that sensation with the taste of hot chocolate. Gooooooooood job
 — swastikuitar

I think its great to but what do i know
 — larrylark

Keep chompin'on the chocs Chuck.
 — larrylark

I'm weak I'm weak..eight days a week
 — larrylark

Hi Swatikher

Smooth sensuality is my middle name
 — larrylark