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Patriot Killer

Its easy,
just flag 'em down,
poor unsuspecting sods,
dark road or shady lane
on way out of town.
He'll say, "Its the piston Mate."
if he's a know all.
Bonnet up,to late for him,
or both if his tarts there.
Bent over engine
will it ,won't it start?
Back end stuck in the air.
Smash down monkey wrench,
look on his face.
"Smart arse," I'd scream.
Seems like a dream.
"Don't get clever with me."
Lay him out in bushes
or undergrowths screen,
decent send off,
Union Jack flag,
thats what i wrap 'em in.
Nom de plume?
"The Patriot Killer,"
thats me,thats my name,
whistling on my way
into work;
ain't life insane?

13 Oct 05

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This poem is insane.  It's too obscure for me this morning.
 — Isabelle5

I love it!
 — unknown

ugh... not painting a picture, nothing but no comment.
whats with your scheme. . .
 — Thenameless

ehh - its alright. not bad, but not good.
 — sk8rpoet55

sorry but you can do better, this is more like info material, poetry i see not, perhaps at the end of something much larger, and i dont think that minimalist can even begin to catagorize this....this is beyond minimal
 — activism87

shit i commented on the wrong poem....ignore me sorrya bout that one
 — unknown

A dramatic monologue and rather a good one.
 — unknown

5 do you need a the, or are you allergic. fine dropped elsewhere but here it feels needed.
7 know-it-all?
9 tart's

this is genius. watch out uk there is a new serial killer on the loose. i think you're suffering from fat-eyed interpretations.
 — kaleidazcope

Chill Isabelle

for everything comes to us if we wait but that does not include explanations. Many many people think and feel life as totally insane.

 — larrylark

Dera Unknown

I love youtoo. Can you feel it?
 — larrylark

cudos. this is unique
 — Trish77

Dear Trish

Glad you liked this one ,thanks for taking the trouble to read and reply

 — larrylark

Dear K.

My eyes are so fat i cry lard.

larry puff ball Lark
 — larrylark

it's "nom-de-plume" and not "non...."
is it not decency on line 20 ?
 — greenmantle