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i admit that im not perfect
i admit that im in love
i can see that something is wrong with this picture
but she doesnt want it fixed
she wants to watch me suffer
suffocate in pain
choke on my own misery
but is she the one to blame?
i ask this simple question
what have i done wrong?
my answer is silence...
for she is already gone...

18 Oct 05

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Awwwww....so sad.  I'm curious about why some rhyme and why some not.  Is that on purpose or did the rhyming fall that way accidentally in parts because you wanted to use certain words even before you knew they'd rhyme?
 — Isabelle5

reads like the rhyming is incidental - which is good because it has a more natural feel than a forced rhyming structure might.
 — b00

i wasnt thinking about rhyming.it was just pouring out
 — GS69sPimp

i am lookin for a pimp

will youz be mein pimper?

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 — unknown