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As noted by the Homeo/Socio Pathetic Fizzician

=why it is best to avoid illness=

Hopitals are hospitable
mostly to their Staff and staph.
One costs dear, the other's free.
As for the wordier mal du jours?
Shun bad treatments,
yes, please, do see me.

28 Oct 05

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I love the line breaks and the punctuation in this poem.
 — hemothymia

still formatting. I'll spoil it yet (grin)
 — netskyIam

OK, cured.   I put it up early in error in example of Post Lust.
Definition of Post Lust?   - Premature Elucidation-.    It's all ego, see?  Inescapable....
as human foolishnesse always are.
 — netskyIam