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Living By Numbers

Kept my birth tag,
It's warm fur of belly button fuzz
nuzzled at my name and number
beneath ink that ran through
Ribena stains.
As young boy, train spotted,
neat rows of figures stacked:
the Glasgow Express -
Empress of India, sailed across
my page always on the rails.
Calendars, clocks, timepiece,
fob watch to slice and order
gave sense to wayward days,
working life spent packing
nuts, bolts stacked faultlessly
on trays in warehouse stores.
Catalogued screws
for fighter planes that soared
through soaking skies.
I wrote each number and name.
Retirement spent logging
the Heavens, each day noted
since 1987, marvelled at the order
of weather. People below it
walking in rows picking precise
paths through pre-ordained puddles.

5 Nov 05

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this is quite lovely larrylark. i think in line 2 belly button should be two words though. i'm not sure, forgive me if it's supposed to be that way.
 — lonelygirl

Dear Lonely girl

thanks for your comment and picking up the error in line 2.

 — larrylark

i am always impressed/pleased/joyful with the product birthed from the literary womb of larry lark.

that being said, i think if you added more within otherstuffs and piled on top of tweeked points you could make this one a powerhouse.

i am unable to give you any specifics---as i would leave that to your won discression--preferrerrebbuly stanzas 2-4-5

but this an overall YES in an ocean of NO.
 — onklcrispy

Dear Onklecrispy

All my work is ongoing so i will obviously be redrafting this at some stage. I thank you for you sincerely kind comments which are warmly appreciated.

 — unknown