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The Dare

Tumble down sculpted steep scree to track side,
silence the only incumbent. Land flat footed,
knees bleed, chest heaves, grimy clothes
smeared with mud; shoes scuffed on side
of granite buttress. Dank smell of damp mattress
dumped in Spring invades Autumn's leaf blown air.
Don't linger, dart into tunnel, ignore No Entry sign,
weave, crouch, stare straight ahead,
clearing sleepers, three at a time.
Dark provides its own light where drips echo in limbo.
Frightened rats scuttle flustered, searching shelter,
huddle away from unaccustomed company.
Splash through oily puddles,
eye catches cold gleam of metal bar above.
Jump, hold tight, close your eyes, tough it out,
stomach churns, cheeks burn,
fight the good fight with all your might.
hang like bat, but right way up.
Tune into distant roar, muscles taut, wait,
wait.  Hell's inferno bores down, draws closer,
then, fleeting blur of hurtling metal machine blows,
steams through, near enough to skin your nose,
rattles teeth in sockets, jerks catapult out of pocket,
gone in a flash, leaving smoke curled round still
suspended feet, clinging to eye lashes.
Clicking in line fades, turn towards pinprick light,
drop down, head back into brightness,
dare done.

25 Nov 05

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Is this a Larry the Lark poem? It certainly has LL movement
 — graceinmtl

Dear graceinmtl

Sure is a Larry Lark Poem in that distinctive bowel moving style.Oh why don't they bring back chuff chuff trains

Larry of the rails Lark
 — unknown

loco-motion. I never know if you're being friendly or cuel. Whatever, this is a wonderful poem. I hope many people take the privilege to read it.

 — unknown

cruel. "r" Lay Lak
 — unknown

terrific read
 — unknown

Dear GraceinMontreal

I am the kindest uncruel man ,as voted for in a poll of the neighbours in our street,who particularly commended me for strangling with my bare hands a vulture who kept dive bombing a 93 year old pensioner,covering his cloth cap with gigantic emissions and intimidated him so much he was going to buy a machine gun.

Larry bare hands Lark
 — larrylark

Holy Crap!   This scared me and I'm safe in my seat!  Rail tunnel or underground to come up under the tracks?  Either way, if you didn't wet yourself, I'm impressed!

 — Isabelle5