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coincidences pile upon
our lives for instance
i talked about you
for the first time in
some time
your length and
lack of atrophy
your contracting pupils
and the way you killed
to find you today
in reptilian heaven
could be no coincidence at all

28 Nov 05

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I can't even pretend to know what you were thinking.  Can you explain this, Poet?
 — Isabelle5

lizzy the lizard.
what were you doing in reptilian heaven? i imagine reptilian heaven is a zoo? because that wouldn't be a coincidence at all because all zoo's (or most) have reptilian houses.
but to have talked about lizards the day before you knew were going to a zoo would be coincidence.

that's how i see it. i like chameleons best.
 — bettalpha

lizard passed on.
 — hank

i am jaded. heaven no longer means heaven to me.
 — bettalpha