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Molto obligato as we say in Italian
when we really mean it.
Some small yet germane reparations
are offered for your eagling.
Elipses remain near the derriere
with hope for retention
those odd little fish,  almost  
orphans, to speak
whose presence implies
la pausa indefinita
more surely than soley
by word or line break
au reservoir ! my
dear catchphraselets caught
by Benson's Magnificence
in sincerity,

2 Dec 05

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A poem that defies critique, while daring us to.  Smart.
The only other comment I will venture is that this is a poem that (probably) only a poet would care about.
 — housepoppy

"defies critique" only if the reader knows the EF Benson novel series centered around the "magnificent Lucia", that madly lovable user and manipulator of all within her sphere. "Oh, how you all work me!" she'd say, as she -loaded heaps of herself on all of her willing mignons.   So there is the strength, and there is the failure of this item: for the reader must really have met Lucia.  If the reader does not know her, go look for a Benson book.  They are all wonderful escapes from the dullness of our little lives.  Lucia's world is even smaller but ever so much more brightly colored with intrigues and trumps at bridge, at hearts.  She's grand and immortal, OUR Lucia (occasionally played by netsky who's really.... Georgie.
 — netskyIam

affected drivel.
 — unknown

 — keydra

what was their answer?
 — unknown

 — unknown

this is a nice lyrical thing to read this early morning -- the wording sings its way, its own way -- i'm so unused to seeing lyrical writing here that i'm going to just savor this and not know what to say. that's pretty nice.
 — joey