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i do not know
what it is all about
i do know this
it is about you
and it is about me
and it is about us
this is just a guess or
maybe wishful thinking

2 Dec 05

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thank you hank. thank you for putting this in words. simple and simply deep.
this can mean so many different things to different people.
 — varun

This is greatly and simply put. It says a lot and in such few words. It also leaves room for the reader's own perspective. "It" can relate to many things.
 — Tweed

Now here's a poet that likes to leave a little to the readers' imagination.  I can appreciate that, really.  However, there is so little substance here... I feel like I'm being conned by an author, who will sit and watch the accolades roll in while laughing at the fact that he meant nothing by it.
 — housepoppy

it's politics of thought poppy. no? maybe the author is talking about the poem itself... about the engagement of author and reader. in any case, i think 'it' only refers to dynamics of people. nothing else. or it could be about life... which is why it's not ambiguous but so open that he has managed to exclude any reference (except people), which is fucking brilliant.
 — varun

hmm. politcs of thought. i like that.
by the way varun, exactly.
 — hank

quite rare...

'it' is one of my favourites of all time.
i'd thought of reccomending losing 'it is' in line 6, but i think it sits just right.
 — varun

i kept the cynic

from our
in-between and
the meanings of
'i miss you'
 — unknown

that's beautiful unknown.
 — hank

thanks hank. it's from a poem called 'it was this simple'.
 — varun

i love your poem
 — bettalpha

wwweeeeeeee! this is great! how many times i have thought about this. the lay out is perfect. everything is perfect about this!
 — bear

o yea, 10 and a favorite
 — bear

simple&complex all at the same time.

thank you for putting into words what i couldnt say quite right to the boyfriend i so long to be with again.

 — xxdarlingx

i like this.. but i think ive seen this before..
 — unknown

my tongue
searching for words
to explain the unexplainable
to speak the unspeakable
and i think
but my tongue still hangs loose
 — tearsofblood

This is more like an extract from a diary than a poem.
All the I are not even capitalised and there is no punctuation whatsoever. In just 8 lines you have used the words "it is" 4 times as well as titling it "it". Where is the poetry?
Is this what people call modern poetry?
 — marieF

'it' is just sex, right? am i missing something??
 — unknown

very abstract, i like it! 'it' can be anything, it made me think
 — farahsine

next time you drop by. drop a note.
i have a plan.
 — kaleidazcope


is really nice.
 — Hear

Hank, I just wanna say that I took your poem to a poetry group what I hold and they all loved your poem. It must be just me but then again the more I read it the more I like it. I just found it hard to understand how this is classed as so good, as since I have been here I have learnt that to repeat words is not good and to write something so simple is not good either. I am confused but will say this, simple or not, repetitive or not there is lots of room for interpretation in this and I suppose that is what a poem is all about. Thanks for writing this as it has been a real learning curve for me.
 — marieF

marieF- thank you for the comment. be careful with what you think you learn, as you will soon learn that to unlearn it is harder, next to impossible. nothing in itself is 'not good' when referring to poetry. you have my deepest grattitude.
 — hank

I will remember that, thanks
 — marieF

I agree with housepoppy. This is definitely lacking substance.
 — omega

Some times

lack of substance can be the adherence of something rather open.
 — Opinion

I like it but, I do know what it is.
and trust me, you DO NOT want to know.

       simple. nice work.
 — Brando_O



i do not know  1
what's all about  2
i do know this  3
is about you  4
and is about me  5
and is about us  6
this is just a guess or  7
maybe wishful thinking
 — unknown

Nice and simple, nice and deep. Relationships can be the greatest thing one moment and the greatest test the next..
 — timbosys

 — aprilkutie

Just about sums up what others try to do and fail through long winded and tediously overblown stanza's thar go on for ever and ever
 — larrylark

what more can i say?
 — unknown