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Yearn for a Grecian (ode)

A pause to clear the mind of a man
prepared to relive an ancient scene.
Two youths at a place for Spartan brothers.
Jet ringlets of hair in glossy cascade.
I put a blade to his throat
apart in our setting
with honor befitting
this strigle scraping
—it is the custom
in the Grecian bath.
An exhale as the assent.
Descend the tool
commence ablation
the metallic edge is
oblique in its pressings
of olive oiled skin.
Aft of the blade
flushes of color
the knife excites as
expungement of grime
unearths other
consequent thoughts.
Time in quiet.
The blading—primary
at hand—we follow a form.
Partials of him
on the copper, ablated.
Perfume of him
excited, in nostrils
To cleanse requires to
Long ringlets of jet
in cascade around
copper burnished as gold as
the wished for return
to my fellow not lost
nor taken to arms
in this recall by ode
of truth of a time
when two men might bathe
and this speech was in touch.

14 Dec 05

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More than an urn, this a vase, cast nearly perfect: line 25 is forced and borders on hyperbole.
 — alicedark

yes, perhaps that's just right.  I could,  and probably will, make that line match in repeat of the initial statement:  Long ringlets of jet cascading -instead of- the current L25 "..cascade forever".   Yes!  I think you are quite right there.  Thank you.  
 — netskyIam

Sharp imagery.
I like the story of this.

For the hell-of-it, read many poems from your list---
Have to say, I enjoyed every one.
maybe I've become a fan :-)
In any case, I admire your talent.
 — unknown

ROFLMAO @ the play on words in the title. I love it!
 — FemmeInLA