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christmas with Josep Maria

Josep Maria
carries implications
back to a manger
a hospital bed
labouring beneath
a reindeer blanket
you have reached your beginning and your end
once a prancer
a donder of vixen grand daughters
parading down streets of spain
and right to the threshold
always a wise man
labouring beneath history
bringing gifts for 96 years
Josep Maria
carries implications
back to a manger
and i am there
and though i never knew you
i thank you
for bringing me near your tranquil end
a socratic end for all men to envy
Josep Maria
carries implications
back to a manger
a final resting place
on christmas eve
and like king david
life of virtue and vice
even in absence
will command christmas day

Josep Maria Pons i Guri is a great Catalonian historian who lived and worked until his death at 96 years on Friday, December 23, 2005. He was buried in the cemetary of Arenys De Mar, Spain, on Christmas eve.

24 Dec 05

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really nicely done. my only comment is i don't think you need the final line - 32. I think 31 is better ending.
 — wordlover

footnote is very good , just get rid of the last line.
 — unknown

did that.
 — hank