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Hot Dog! Its New Years Eve

Near to New Year on a retail park
there's always some smart,
conservatively dressed mature lady
who's been lured there under false pretence,
gazing perplexed at a hot dog
her teenage niece bought her
from a nearby stall,
as if an alien life form had fallen onto her palm
its life wasting harmlessly away,
as ketchup dripped down on a parking place,
onion intestines gleam in the reversing super nova
of an affordably plush Space Cruiser.

30 Dec 05

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Larry-the Middle-Class- Lambastor-
another comeuppance for us sappy, saggy traditionalists
 — unknown

Sorry mate i can't help being class and i do like lamb ya bastard but i am starting to sag round my middle.
 — larrylark

It's really pissing me off jet stream that this full of wit ( witty) poem isn't getting enough attention. Read this poem. It's among the best on board.
 — unknown

Nice snapshot, line 8 appealed to me.
 — Meep

Dear Unknown

Thanks for the kind words
 — larrylark

X-tra   X-tra  It's New Year's Eve
Read the best piece/ nothing maudlin at all about it
 — unknown

Ha! Hot dog!
 — wendz

Dear Unknown

Nice to know i've made headlines once more
 — larrylark

Dear Wendz

To be hoest ,I'd rather have a beefburger any old day.
 — larrylark

Hot diggity dog! I have to admit that I didn't understand some of the references. I am a silly American. :)
 — wordlover

Dear Wordover

I don't really understand it either
 — larrylark

you don't have to say " silly American" American says it all. Have a good day, eh?
 — unknown

Larry, gimme a hot dog, gringo style, with relish + mustard. Okay... make that Dijon Poupon mustard. and a tofu dog.....no... a French poodle. Larry! Where are the handbags? Don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows. Larry-the-New-Year's-Angel-Larkin- harking unto us
 — unknown

Dera Unknown

What a LOL knock out reply"You gotta lod a nerve"

Larry younger than yesterday Lark
 — unknown

Help! LL   I'm that matron in the smart Dior suit. I don'tknowwhatthefucktotowith this obscene hot dog. It's bleeding all over my crisp aubergine blouse. Help. Larry-the-Revolving-Doorman-Lark
 — unknown

Dear Unknown

I can recommend a handy tip that my great Uncle Bertie gave me yesterday. Put the whole damn kit and caboodle on Burger King running in the 4.30 at Market Raison. A nice little punt at 8 to i should bring handsome dividends.

Larry horse meat Lark
 — larrylark

I liked it. It made me laugh.
 — unknown

Dear Unknown

It actually is fuckin' hilarious

Larry poker face Lark
 — larrylark

What poetic devices have you used to create this thing
 — unknown

this is like a "kinetic sculptor" work, with found objects and it's supposed to depend on how cute the use of carburator is as an anchor for "micky mouse", in a small town in nothern california, where the kinetic sculpture race...

one paragraph with line breaks, some gratuitous dumpster dove images, and the author's ego gluing it together like dried cum. this is real poetry and you are the only poet here brave enough to show us how much better ideas are than words and how sentiment is just a juxtaposition of two strange things tied up with string, a few of your favorite things. i give this an eleven.
 — joey


You are a bloody liar but in a strange brotherly way you are starting to grow on me.

Larry perfect10 Lark
 — larrylark

This just came up on random. Still feels very fresh and particularly pertinent at this time of year! I like it a lot :-)
 — smugzy