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Winter Dusk In Fleetwood

Antique rooks scuff and scratch,beaks catch
against frosted buds stuffed tight into black branches
criss crossing  bleak low sunlight.
Small children run,silhouetted,
long shadows slowly settle among clattering  noise of solitary tram.
Sparrows scatter dotting turquoise streaked horizons
beyond a hurrying man.
The seascapes distant storm
has slowed. Silent ships skirt mudflats,
scraping each worn metal hull,mournful waves lift against their sides.
Cormorants bob like corks
among the harbours cull of chocolate wrappers and bottles
bullish boys race cold and mottled skin against a keen wind.
Slipping through narrow streets they rattle bin lids,
water glints on lingering tide.Doors slam shut on silence,
absurd call of a gull mocks it all.

3 Jan 06

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there is a lot of aquatic alliusions in here, which i like. this piece flows along really nicely. the bird imagery reminded me of early Skrzynecki.

empty "strange rash" epitaph
 — emptyepitaph

line 11, fish eaters lol.  line 16, oh.  Very well written.
 — Meep

Dear "strange rash" epitaph,

eating too many bloaters will not only bring you out in a rash but will also enlarge your body surface.

Larry barbequed penguin Lark

PS i walk with a wiggle and a squiggle when i walk
 — larrylark

Thanks meep

but its just keeping the page warm for hopefully better things

Larry eternal optimist Lark
 — larrylark

No probs

Me They're selling hippie wigs in Woolworth's man ep
 — Meep

Dear Meep

If the're two for the price of one ,get me four and e-mail them to me.
 — unknown