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Figure In A Clock Tower

The handsome mechanical winder,
his stiff worn wood glossed over,
lifts  wire rod,to send his arm
on its clinical mission,each time
so sure and same,
there seem gaps in the air
through which it came.
Hollowing inside from beetles and rot,
his immaculate tunic,blue breeches,
array of mottled medals
gave the lie,save one sign on his cheek
of timber leeching through red paint,
that tainted his appearance.
Not one milli second forward or behind,
would he still keep perfect time
in a future brushed over,
among  restorers whose laboured love
kept poor pace?
Today the giant pendulum
was gold coated,causing
fractional delay,
unnoticed by the most discerning eye.
Yet no coagulate of paint can halt the march,
time and space barely trembled,
then ran on like clockwork.

6 Jan 06

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hmmmm. i think i like this
 — Trish77

It's bloody excellent!
 — unknown

Tell us, LL, how did that happen? That lost time? Nice description of BB by LL
 — unknown

Dear Trish77


Larry keeper of the lonely heart Lark
 — larrylark

Very nice, nice description, I knew it was you, though, I didn't.
  This is good.
 — Hear

Dear Unknown

My aim is to please all you unknowns out there

Larry pleasing Lark
 — unknown

Better I remain unknown to you, LL. You don't like me. Great poem
 — unknown

Dear Unknown

I can i not like someone i've never even met,or have i.

Larry meeter and greeter Lark
 — unknown

Dear Unknown

time leaks just as i surely leak after a few beers but where it leaks to?
 — larrylark

Dear Hear

I'm always here one way or another.
 — larrylark

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