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We should like to warn our readers--
death is sometimes guised as beauty
found in the lately popular
flocked and fancied wallpapers.
The risk is arsenic, a poison--
its color a most brilliant green.
Soon the pigment binder lofts
motes of death in wafts inhaled
by families, by innocence,
unaware arsenic takes the young
as go the old. In wasting
is the certain symptom
of malaise much like Consumption--
these two causes not to be confused.
Arsenical papers are made yet.
We can but sound alarum
bells in hope you shall inspect
your home and homes of those
you'd keep. Color, yes, it is well loved--
all tints of rosy, healthy cheeks.
---extracted from
American Home Magazine, 1871
"Arsenical Wallpapers"

7 Jan 06

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Wonderful work.  I appreciate its unique us of language.  Okay, a little criticism )thus the critical in poetry critical).  Line 2 doesn't do it for me.  It's not nearly as original as the rest of the poem.  Similarly, rosy cheeks is an overused cliche, your creativity could come up with something better.  Overall, the best new poem today in my opinion.
 — Saldebar

Whoops, I meant "use" above...
 — Saldebar

read Wamblicante's poems, Saladbar, if you enjoyed this one. They are sure to inspire & please
 — unknown

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